1. 20:41 21st Jul 2014

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    Do you ever read your scripts and think to yourself, “That still happens, yeah, that still happens in modern America?” The plight of women, while it has improved, has not advanced to the point where these are the types of mistreatments that are so unusual that they are extinct. 

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    Public Cries

    I’ve had my share of public cries, but few beat today’s when I broke down in tears while having dim sum in Flushing with my favorite aunt, as we shared a large round table with two different groups. 

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    It’s going to be a great August and September, people.

    It’s going to be a great August and September, people.

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    Tell me what to eat.

    I have to go to Chicago next week for work. I have eaten exactly zero (0) meals in Chicago, and want to eat something great while I’m there.

    Here’s the deal: I have dinner next Wednesday and Thursday free, would be willing to make a reservation but don’t want to go anywhere too fancy, and will be in the Loop most of the time. 

    What should I eat?

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    Do you know where you work?

    Comms intern included The Daily Caller in our morning press clips email today.

  8. You’re a really wonderful person and I feel very bad that I hurt you. I was just thinking about you and I regret that very much. It was not intentional but it was definitely not right.

    Text from Nasa (2 exes ago, is currently finishing his PhD in South Korea, for those who are new) at midnight last night.

    I read it aloud to K, lolllllllled, and then we went to sleep.

  9. 17:18 16th Jul 2014

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    Loft has become the new Gap in that they send approximately 10 sale emails a week and I will never, ever buy anything full price from them. Ever.

    EDIT: ALSO their sizes are egregiously vanitized (let’s accept it as a word for now) and have zero consistency whatsoever.

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    False, friend.

    False, friend.